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31 March 2020 @ 05:20 pm
03 March 2010 @ 08:12 pm
In an MSN conversation dated 8th February 2010, Raine denied making comments about cankles to another lolita, and basically did not accept that she was doing anything wrong. This was the last time I spoke to her. I tried so hard to make her see the errors of her ways, but she's far too stubborn and genuinely believes there is nothing wrong with her. My patience has run out, and this is a lost cause. Plus, I can't continue to be friends with someone who is not trustworthy. If you've never met Raine but encounter her at some point in your life, just be careful.

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04 February 2010 @ 06:12 pm
This is a rather belated post~ Have a huge backlog of stuff to blog about ^_^;;

A vector design of my original character "Lilith", featured on t-shirts, hoodies and jackets by Genki Gear! The t-shirts are available in RedxBlack, Maroon and Aubergine colourways~

This was appeared in the December 2009 issue of NEO Magazine:
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25 December 2009 @ 04:45 pm
Here's my Xmas piccy~~ I managed to finish it on time for the day XD Gotta go now for family dinner~ I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! ☆

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23 October 2009 @ 07:27 pm
I took part in this anthology of short stories written by Fehed Said. Talking to Strangers will be available to buy at the London Expo!

A girl trapped in a box, a boy chained to a rock and a friendshipbetween a child and a flower. These are just a few of the themes thatstoryteller Fehed Said explores in this collection. Joining Fehed Said,the acclaimed writer behind SLG's Clarence Principle, and Sonia Leong,the award winning artist behind SMH's Romeo & Juliet is a sterlinglineup of the UK's best new talent. Featuring artwork from Nana Li,Wing Yun Man, Chloe Citrine and Faye Yong.

"It was such a variedmix of stories" says Said. "When I was trying to come up with the titlefor the book, I wanted to find a connection between them all.Evidently, the critical moments in each piece came up as theprotagonist's talked with strangers."

Nana Li was the artist for'Box', and sums up that story as: "It's a short and dark story, but Ithink the ending will leave a tingling sensation in the spine." Thesame could certainly be said about the reading experience of thistitle. From the morbid fairy-tale style 'Malignant' and the sweetnessof 'Flowers'; this anthology showcases a variety in storytelling andartistic talent.

Due for release on 24th October 2009 at the London MCM Expo and available to buy online from the Sweatdrop Studios website -


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22 October 2009 @ 12:46 am

My contribution to the artbook "Secret Colours", 90 pages full colour, showing the process of sketch to completed image by various artists.

I hadn't done a black x white piece as a finished illustration before, so I was rather pleased with the result~ This is actually an old illustration that I had left sitting around on my computer, but I decided to finish it up and put it to good use by submitting it to the artbook.

It will be available to buy at this weekend's London Expo! Grab a copy at table C45 in Artist Alley or head over to this link to pre-order a copy~ ^^

[Pre-Order "Secret Colours" Here]

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20 October 2009 @ 08:04 pm

For the past 2 months I've been drawing a web comic for Eyeko, updated weekly.

You can read it exclusively on the Eyeko website here: Eyeko - My Manga Makeup

Have just finished the first "chapter", and I'm please to announce that this will be printed into an A5 size booklet for the London Expo~!

We'll be giving a copy each to customers who come to our stall and buy something. Please visit us at V11 (opposite Steampunk, near DDR and NEO Magazine)

Thanks for looking, hope you all enjoy~! By the way, I'm planning to wear a stripey blue Sweet lolita dress and will be stuck there all day for the whole weekend so please come over and say hi to me so that I don't get lonely ;o;
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13 May 2009 @ 04:33 pm


That is all.
11 August 2008 @ 10:23 pm
I'm back from a very fun but exhausting weekend at the convention~ I met some very nice people there, attended the BJD meet, participated in the Smash Bros Brawl tournament (and lost in a very unfortunate way T_T), taking a lot of photos on a shiny new DSLR camera (which will be posted in my LJ at some point)

Many people expressed how much they enjoyed the badge art I illustrated, which made me very happy to hear! I will be uploading them online shortly.

Recieved some wonderful fanart from soyaMILKu and Masaki, who both drew my site mascot Rina in their own styles~ It's so nice to see my character drawn by other people. Thank you very much!! ^o^
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06 August 2008 @ 10:18 pm
England's summer convention is taking place in a few days on the 8th until the 10th at the University of Leicester. I will be attending for the entire weekend, but arriving quite late on the Friday to check in. Look out for some of my artwork featured on this year's badges, conbook and a free postcard included with every member's conbag~ ^^ See you there!

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